Medell Christmas Light of a giant ornament

5 Breathtaking Lighting Displays around the World

May 21, 2021

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1 Higashi-Yuenchi Park (Kobe, Japan)

In 1995 Kobe was devastated by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, the most severe earthquake to affect that region.  Following earthquake, Italy donated thousands of hand-painted bulbs to be installed into intricate luminaries around Gothic-style structures. This became a tradition and is still carried out to this day: millions of people make the trip to Higashi-Yuenchi Park between December 1st-12th in remembrance of Japan’s unshakeable resilience.

Higashi-Yuenchi Park



2 Descanso Gardens Enchanted: Forest of Light (La Cañada Flintridge, California)

Tucked away a few miles north of Pasadena lies the amazing Descanso Gardens.  A whopping 150-acre botanical garden located in La Cañada Flintridge, Los Angeles County, California, Descanso gardens features a wide area, mostly forested, with artificial streams, ponds, and lawns.  Enchanted is a seasonal event set to return in 2021, the transformation into the forest of lights is truly a spectacle for all ages not to be missed…also they sell fresh warm beignets (mouth is watering just writing about it) among other things to munch on as you explore and enjoy the forest of multicolored lights!

Descanso Gardens Pasadena California



3 Tivoli Gardens (Tivoli, Copenhagen)

Copenhagen may be cold in February, but when combined with the Copenhagen Light Festival, Tivoli warms up the city with sustainable lights, transforming the Gardens into an enchanting winter wonderland featuring jolly snowmen, glittering frost crystals and ethereal light. Tivoli presents spectacular light installations that are unique to Winter in Tivoli, which runs from January 31st to February 23rd.  In 2020, the creative mastermind Hans Christian Andersen showcased his Eleven Wild Swans glowing in the dark on the Tivoli Lake, this is Copenhagen’s most beautiful ice-skating rink integrated with special effects (the ice interacted with the skaters), enchanting light shows and the most romantic Valentine’s Day setting in Copenhagen.

Tivoli Lights



  1. Christmas Lights in Medellín (Medellín, Columbia)

Scattered around this former drug town are extravagant lighting displays that bring with it new energy and hope during the summery holiday season. Tree canopies covered with oversized ornaments and giant 3-D figures spin along the Medellín River alongside a carnival-like sidewalk packed with food stalls.  While it seems like the light show has been postponed, look forward to it returning in 2022, in 2020 a team made up of 270 people from welders to architects to designers, put up 28 million LED lights and 30,500 hand-woven figures.

Christmas Lights in Medellín



  1. A Madrid-style Christmas (Madrid, Spain)

What is Spain’s favorite holiday, the answer will surprise you! You guessed it, its St. Patrick’s Day…no its Christmas!  Bright decorations and sparkling window displays transform the city into a Christmas paradise.  From the end of November till the beginning of January, the city’s streets, buildings, and squares shine with eco-friendly colorful lights created by renowned Spanish designers, architects, and graphic designers. Sky-scraping Christmas trees are put up around the city, in places like Puerta del Sol, Plaza San Juan de la Cruz and Plaza España, Red de San Luis (Gran Vía-Montera), Calle Fuencarral, Plaza de Callao and Plaza de Colón (Calle Génova).

A Madrid-style Christmas lighting

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