California’s Title 24 Energy Regulation Impact on the Lightning Industry

California’s Title 24 Energy Regulation Impact on the Lightning Industry

June 18, 2021

In 2017 California made changes to the Title 24 energy regulations.  Named the joint appendix 8, JA8 for short, this revision was made to give the consumer a wider range of energy efficient choices.  The original regulation was around in California since 2005, but the JA8 revision includes many regulation changes in the construction industry.

Key Facts about the Title 24/JA8 Revision

  1. Defines light bulbs and other fixtures by the level of luminous efficacy (K).
    In simpler terms, the bulb’s ability to produce visible light.
  2. Points out the differences between permanent light fixtures, recessed downlights, and lamps.
  3. Provides basic requirements for dimmers and vacancy sensors.
  4. Gives home buyers an outline of lighting installations.



What exactly is Luminous Efficacy?

Since 2017 all indoor and outdoor lighting must be certified to JA8 standards.  “The JA8 definition of high efficacy lighting makes JA8 certification a gold standard of light quality: 3McA color consistency, color rendering index (CRI) > 90, red rendering index (R9) > 50, and <30% flicker in both dimmed and undimmed state. These requirements address how truly our lighting allows us to perceive color, as well as acknowledging the harmful health and safety effects associated with high levels of “invisible flicker”.”


JA8’s Impact on Light Fixtures and Dimmers

The new regulations have redefined low efficacy and high efficacy, but the operating standards require that light fixtures and dimmers must adhere to the below guidelines created in the JA8:

Light Fixtures

  • All permanent light fixtures must be JA8-compliant.
  • All screw based light bulbs must be compatible for high temperatures.
  • All screw based light bulbs must be labeled “Fully Enclosed Suitable.”
  • All recessed down lights are required to operate as high efficacy lamps.
  • All recessed down lights must operate with a pin-based or GU24 socket labeled JA8-2016-E.
  • All recessed down lights will not be allowed to contain screw-based light bulbs of any kind.


  • Under-cabinet light fixtures must have its own on/off switch.
  • Vacancy sensors are required for garages, laundry rooms, and utility rooms.
  • All recessed light bulbs must operate with its own dimmer (Separate from other lamps and light fixtures).


Home Buyer Guidelines

Before the new 2017 JA8 standards California builders were able to pass inspections by using high efficacy bulbs and they swapping to low efficacy lightning before the buyers moved in.  The new regulations helped redefine the efficacy of light fixtures and set a standard of quality for building owners and home buyers.

Now, before passing an inspection, there must be a list of all light fixture installments on the property, including replacements and maintenance.  This will guarantee the energy efficiency of the property for years down the line and helps California measure the energy consumption of all new constructions.

Lighting Products


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