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How to choose an Energy Efficient Light Bulb:

June 04, 2021

Need help finding the right light bulb for your home? Look no further! We are here to help shed some energy efficient light on your quest.

We have some tips when looking for an energy efficient light bulb that saves money, is long lasting, and protects the environment. Whether you are looking for a light with dimmer features or a light with specific color and brightness, these tips will help you find what you are looking for when you begin your hunt.

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Tip 1: Look for the Energy Star; bulbs that are Energy Star Certified have gone through rigorous testing to guarantee they not only perform properly but save you energy and money well. Learn more about Energy Star Light Bulb Key Product Criteria to see what makes a light bulb Energy Star Certified.

CANDEX products are UL and ETL listed, as well as a proud partner of Energy Star. We offer some models that are Energy Star Certified.

Energy star LEDs


Lighting Facts for light bulbs

Tip 2: Look for Lighting Facts on packaging to figure out how much light is necessary.  Most people will look at the watts when picking a light bulb, but what you really need to look at is the lumens.  Watts are simply the amount of electricity the bulb needs to function; the actual light output is measured in lumens.  More lumens equal more light, Energy Star bulbs save you money because it gives you the lumens with much less wattage.

Tip 3: Decide where you are using the bulb. The newer bulbs in the market today are specially designed for a specific application.  I know what you are going to ask, “How do I know which bulb to use?” The answer can be found on the packaging.  Light bulb packaging will indicate the intended use or location rated, whether it is designed for use with dimmers, enclosed fixtures, wet areas, or damp areas, the packaging will be your guide when it comes to a bulb’s intended use.


Tip 4: Look for Color Temperature to decide on which mood you want your light to create.  This comes down to your own personal preference, LED bulbs are available in warm to cool white light which the packaging will indicate.  If possible, go to a store that has the light displayed so you can see what color fits your style and environment.

Color Temperature of light bulbs can create different lighting moods

Remember, Energy Star certified bulbs use 70%-90% less energy than standard incandescent and have a longer life which will keep you from having to switch out the bulb often, saving you time and money while helping slow climate change. It’s a win win!



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