Valentine’s Day Lighting Decorations with Holiday Spirits

Valentine’s Day Lighting Decorations with Holiday Spirits

February 12, 2021

The best and easiest way to give your space a Valentine's day vibe is with lights! We hope this article will help you and your customers create the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day atmosphere for this weekend.

  1. Add Some Cheer & Romance with Holiday lighting

    Thoughtful placement of a few strings of decorative color light bulbs paired with beautiful flowers and chocolate boxes on Valentine's day can create an upbeat and charming vibe to your space. Whether you are filling up a bottle or wrapping them around your curtain rods or stair rails, string lights never fail to give a home that romantic cozy feeling. They come in an array of colors and are great for all occasions and can liven up any room.

    Candex LED Decorative Series

    LED S14 1W E26 RED

    LED S14 1W E26 YELLOW

    LED S14 1W E26 GREEN

    LED S14 1W E26 BLUE

    Decorative LED

  2. Set the Mood with Dimmable Lighting

    Setting up your rooms with dimmable bulbs is great for changing up the atmosphere when needed. During Valentines Day, control ambience with a flick of a switch and create an intimate setting for you and your loved one. Installing dimmers throughout your home or business space will give the opportunity to customize lighting effects to alter the mood in any room with a simple switch. Dimmers also conserve energy and extend the life of the bulbs which help you save money.

    Candex Dimmer Switches Series





    Dimmer Switches

  3. Create romantic atmosphere with Vintage Filament lights

    Take Valentine’s day back in time with Vintage Lights, these are great for creating that old-school vibe. It doesn’t matter if you are in the living room or in the backyard, using vintage lighting brings a warm spirit to the night and makes everyone feel safe and comfortable. Make sure to use a filament LED bulb for the best retro effects, the multiple strands of LEDs inside will give the appearance of an antique Edison-style bulb.

    Candex LED Filament Series

    LED FLAME TIP 2.5W E12 2700K DIM JA8

    LED ST19 6W E26 2700K DIM JA8

    LED TORPEDO 2.5W E12 2700K DIM JA8

    LED T10 4W E26 2200K DIM AMBER

Filament LED

If you have any questions about Candex LED lighting technologies, please contact Candex for more information.

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